Enemy of Every Cloud…

My father is the enemy of my book, “Every Cloud…A Collection of Short Works” by me, Abigail Hill (It will be available for purchase at the lulu.com bookstore next week.)

It contains the short work, “California, A Pro-Life Novel,” and my Dad didn’t get the chance to get his hands on it first.  Ha ha.  He is so arrogant.

The Lord says to pray for your enemies, as well as to honor your parents, but I think in this case I’ll stick to the former.  My Dad is so small-minded and short-sighted that he can’t see past his own ego.  I get mean about him about this time every day, because at this time (from about 4 a.m.) I am usually up and alert, and I sense his dreams.  Often, he is attacking me, probably because he is aware in his dreaming that I am aware of him.  Even though we are separated by 5 miles.

Talked to my mother yesterday about the book; they are both on alarm I guess.  Honestly I needed HELP in creating this book, and instead I was running interference against their interference.  I barely even know what I wrote.  “California…” is good; I think the long poem that follows is good; the rest I don’t know about it.  You decide!  Don’t forget to vote against Hilary.