About Mental Travels

A character in E.M. Forrester’s “A Room With A View” said “I am a mental traveler,” so much as to say that she had traveled through reading books.

Reading a book remains one way to have a mental journey, but there are others now.

“He’s tripping balls,” my son said about a person we saw as we were stopped at a red light.  Uh Hmm.

My childhood reading left me prey to many travels I could never have thought of.  Movies I saw with my husband at the beginning of our marriage seemed to shape our real life journey together.

Psych meds have been quite a trip.

The combination of these different forms of mental travel, in my life, have led to bizarre and spectacular visions:  most of all, now, thought, I just wanna get back home.  Home?

That’s what this blog is about.