sad sea change

I come here through the help and guidance of St. Isodore to record a sad sea change.

Recently I’ve been applying a stunning fix to my heretofore frequent childish bewilderment and confusion in certain types of matters I encounter.  I have to postpone judgment in matters where I don’t know the answer to a key question.  What someone else did or knows, for example, and doesn’t have to say.

The “fix” is that, of course, God knows, and is guiding you based on this infinite and intricately minute as well as vast understanding of these matters  beyond one’s ken.

Today it came to me to answer the worst question I ever asked and I got the worst answer I could get.  So m sad.  But even so it’s still a relief.  It will probably change everything.

How could I have been such a child–how could they have let me loose with a college degree?

Nothing more to say at this time.

People use to have a lot more faith and self-confidence and faith in the 1970’s and 1980’s than they do now.  That’s the only excuse I have for being me.

If my “fix” is helpful to someone else in trouble I would be happy to know it.


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