what do you do when someone says something so heinous and it upsets you so much you don’t want to repeat it, but how else do you get it off you?  I mean, literally, it sticks to you and obsesses you and threatens to lead you into harm?


This has happened to me before and today I am looking at TWO instances in a week’s time, one from my mother and another from the female patient, about my age, on this longer term extended stay psych unit.

It’s been hell here.  I finally got to talk to the priest and it helped.  Today I got communion (even though I am not formally Catholic yet) and prayed the rosary (the Luminous Mysteries) and identified the Fourth Luminous Mystery, the Transfiguration, as my touch-faith.

Now this.  This woman who torments me and won’t own it to my face (just talks about it so I can hear it) is talking about something horrible someone did to a dog.  Just because I said I was afraid of them.

help help

Thank you St Isodore for being my friend

my son is going back to rehab


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