QUALM, many words

noone visited my last post, because noone likes to hear about my problems i guess, but I am so full of QUALMs today that I am back with more MANY WORDS.


Here on the extended acute care unit there is rife reason for being up in arms with many QUALMS.  Moat people don’t like the food.  I think it’s pretty good because I don’t get three square plus a nighttime snack when I am providing for myself.


The problem is that being on a psych ward means sharing a meal with others and socialization can be very awkward,  There are Spanish speaking patients and former State Hospital patients (like me) and sometimes there isn’t really enough room, although I finally figured out how to fit four trays on one table top.  Getting up on time in the morning is key because if you don’t get your vitals taken before breakfast you can’t fill out your menu for the next day.  Hence my last post, which was about ALSO getting my plastic utensils taken away, except for the spoon, as an additional, quirky punishment.  I talked about it to the psychologist yesterday, and I a glad that I also posted it online because when I also talked to him in treatment team meeting this morning he didn’t even remember it.  I have been getting worried looks from the nurse in question, who was here today, but I was unable to connect with the psychologist with her name.

The two male nurse techs responsible with another part of the big huge qualm have been aping around all day but generally nothing is getting done.


At least I have been able to connect with my son.  Don’t know what to expect except a meltdown.  My mother is sick.


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