O St. Isodore!

O St. Isodore guide me in my Internet Walk from now into the future, and undo the pernicious filth of the past, to which the internet was ever proxy.


St. Isodore is widely considered the patron St. of the internet according TO the internet although the Vatican has not officially declared this says the site I went to.  I thought it was St. Ignatious of Loyola, I guess I just misheard the name, don’t know why, on googling it I found the correct advice.


There is included a prayer for those who utilize the internet, you can look it up for yourself, I will have to do the same as I have already forgotten it by I am glad to inform those to whom this hasn’t yet occurred that there is one.


Of course there’s a prayer.


Now the last 17 years of my life, since accidentally trashing a very important email by brushing the wrong key back in the fragile early days of emailing, and then making a suicide attempt over ditching a prolific and effective but dangerous blog site, fall into place.  I want to do something with language and computers.  I am a technobrat.  I am a natural at it.  I wrote a computer program that generated two-paragraph essays on input poetry back in 1982.  It was a smash.  I was invited to teach a section in the course but I was too fragile as a woman to pursue this.


Thirty years later I am looking back on a crazy marriage, 2 abortions and a beautiful child, a wish-child who never even got conceived, and a divorce that I am still trying to turn around,


Thank you Jesus for bringing me to clarity through this unlikely circumstance of utilizing the internet in silent prayer to you.  Amen


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