Diabetes on a psych ward in Florida

Being a Harvard grad on a long-term pscyh ward where inevitably numerous have also, like me, been on a state hospital ward is tricky.  This time I have been hearing threats,  one woman here is a frequent customer has me pegged against the wall and I don’t know how to read her approach, she is yanking position against me all day long and it’s the last thing I want to fight, I can only lose.  Fortunately I have some wiggle room, oddly, from my past failures.  These merit a second a glance here, but it’s a funny row to hoe.  I have only ever had one friend in from this city, a high-society poverty case at the time which at that time I didn’t read well.  She was different from me, and did better.  I  met her on a psych ward similar to this one, in Florida, where she was going by a different name and denied she knew me but I pinned her on it as I knew the university she had attended and she had to admit it.

This helps  me every so slightly. but I don’t have have much else going for me in this extended care stay in this city.

More later, my foe here is right in front of me getting her sugar checked, and I’m next.


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