Posting from my cell phone

Updated:  gratitude list Thanksgiving 2016

1  for my sister.  we remembered each other from long ago.


2  for my father, who stood up for me at the dinner table.


3  for my mother, who pulled out all the stops with a whole filet mignon.  it melted in our mouths.  seasoned perfectly.


4  for my mother and father, who are trying to communicate about something that happened long ago involving my sister.


5  for my first real Thanksgiving, a milestone I’ve missed all these years.


6  for my savior Jesus, whor i love


7  for my son


8  for my son


9  for my son’s cats, who went out for a walk with me in the wintry weather today.  Tanner ate every plant in sight.


10  for winter, which buries us in forgetfulness  (T S.Eliot)  I loved my long time in the sun but I was getting over baked.  the return has been too hard for me but the Good Lord is making it okay.


11 for my sister’s husband.


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