Begging for a slap in the face

Evidently this is standard English (British) behavior.  (Sorry, England.)

My father has always told the story of how you had to say “Thank you, Sir” each time you got struck with a cane or the ruler.  I am just beginning to connect with how this applied in my own family of youth.

Same for the time-out-of-mind abandoned atheism, socialism and arrogance of my father’s class (working class promoted through scholarship to Middle Class.)  Dad you’re MORE THAN HALF A CENTURY BEHIND THE TIMES.  Quit watching BBC broadcasts.  They still watch news of America on British news channels.

(They took refuge with the League of Women Voters after the election.  My father made his vote public this time, and couldn’t get away from it.)

12:04 a.m.  (Now it’s Thanksgiving Eve.)


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