Then there’s my father

continuing from my last 3 posts…

Panicked, traumatized, likely Asperger’s syndrome…

His only recourse, with my mother as his wife, is to use plain logic to resolve all problems.  He is a scientist.  He uses the scientific method.

There are limits to logic.  You always have to have premises and my father’s can’t be challenged–if you can figure them out.

All religion is wrong, according to my father.  Spirituality? Mysticism? Sexuality?  These are subjects not to explore or discuss.

When you die, you’re dead.  Well, what’s “dead”?

What we need here is a Glengary, Glenross scenario to weed out the b.s.  It has taken a lifetime to get even this far and if I could have, I would have escaped the situation a long time ago.  It was all I wanted.  My first psychologist involved me with trying to untangle the mess at an early age, challenged my mother, instead of my father, which was a terrible danger to me, and mired me in this situation for life.  The next thing I knew I was on mind-altering medication that made me suicidal, with a rep for mental illness.  I can’t even justify my religion because it came out of the period when the younger Dr. Sharon Shrensel was driving me insane.


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