Hah!  Never mind about the Dark Web.  I see my husband has been trying to get rid of me all along.  Hit the road, he kept saying in Cali, but I was too sick to go.  He said it in the mornings when he was sober.

So that home we parked in the driveway of in CO wasn’t his old friend, I’m guessing, it was, as I have thought, a random stranger too scared to come out when he see my husband’s face looking out from up high in the big white truck.  I remember the moment in his heart as he pulled away.  He looked at the back of my car one last time, braced himself, and pulled away, never expecting that I could follow.  I allus was a very resourceful young lady.    He was trying to lose me after that, which is probably why the cop pulled us over in Indiana

Then there was the truck tunnel.  He had a trick which I won’t say for disabling vehicles on the road behind him.  I always had the funniest feeling about seeing that car veer off to an opportune exit lane, although I think he missed it and ended up in the grass.  I’m realizing maybe it was me he wanted to get rid of?  He said he was protecting me and didn’t want us to be separated as the long line of trucks played with us all the way along.

Oh God..

Oh shit.


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