Another kind of trip

I just finished posting on my other blog, “Living with COPD,” about my smoking habit and trials of smoking cessation.  I have to say that today’s limits on public smoking drive the die-hard smoker into a sedentary life-style.  I hardly ever smoke outside the home now, and I smoke A LOT, which means I spend most of my life inside my four walls.  I don’t go out to eat any more EVER because it is so uncomfortable for me without the old smoking sections.  Which is a real problem because I don’t like to cook since I lost my family.  I don’t know how to shop for one, especially on a shoe-string budget.  I also hate hand-washing dishes.  Well, once I get started I enjoy it–but they tend to sit…  So now I’m buying paper plates and plastic cutlery.  Yes, this is true.

The smoking is a real trip.  I prefer them with water.

Another trip:  my book.  I am awaiting the proof copy in the mail.  Once I approve it for printing issues I will be live on (“Every Cloud…” by Abigail Hill, don’t forget!!!)  The book will then be distributed to retailers for purchase, and an e-book will be available also.  Smoking and writing (and coffee) always used to be associated (or liquor) (or both, in my case.)  That’s probably no longer the case.  But there is an unusual property to the dynamic between writing and smoking with the new laws on public smoking.  I’ve spent a year and a half stuck inside my home while making this book a reality.  As I couldn’t go out, or at least I had gotten into that mindset, working on the book was one of the few “proactive” things that I could do.

Lots of trips here but the biggest one is seeing your book become a reality.


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