Life Crisis, abortion

I had already gone insane of the last disturbance from my mother in my life that I could tolerate.  That’s it, I said.  That’s the final straw.  But that didn’t lead me anywhere.  A relationship was forged on the dark side and I could only go forward with ii.  I had meant to marry him.  But not the way it happened.

“You’re not pregnant,” he said.  But I was.

“Take it the way it DID go,” he said, but it didn’t “GO” at all.  From the very beginning I was in disaster mode and it just didn’t go away even when we were in Florida some 10 years later and my son was a bouncing young boy and I was seeing my tenth psychiatrist.  “You’re stagnant,” the psychiatrist said, and I didn’t even get it until much later.  We were in a stagnant pool of two dead babies and our living son, who had to swim in that muck to stay alive.

I understand that abortion doesn’t always go quite so crazy as this.  But the fact that it can says something very, very bad about it.  Please take my word on this.


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